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A-BOMBERS weekenders Sweden
Shine can never replace attitude

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Coulour Photograph of vintage cars hand painted with numbers for motor sport parked beside a red barn

'33 Ford Roadster

Coulour Photograph of exposed front end and engine block of a vintage hotrod and some other vintage cars parked in the background

Supercharged Rod I

Coulour Photograph of a grey painted hot rod hand painted with white numerals 1000 for motor sport

Hakan's '32 Ford

Coulour Photograph of partly customised forties car parked outside a store called Konsum with other vintage or custom cars in the background

Sedan Delivery

Coulour Photograph of black early fifties style car with whitewall tyres and chrome finish parked in a supermarket car park


Close up Coulour Photograph of front left wheel and chrome trim of a fifties style car painted metalflake emerald green and white two tone paintwork, parked.

'55 Buick Special

Close up Coulour Photograph of the front right hand headlamp bumper and wheel of a black painted forties or fifties roadster with a shop sign above it that reads Konsum


Close up Coulour Photograph of the right rear wheel of a vintage car hot rod with rusty bodywork parked on grass

5 Window Coupe

Close up Coulour Photograph of left rear racing tyre of hot rod parked on grass beneath a blue sky

2 Door Sedan

Close up Coulour Photograph of left rear side of partially renovated fifties car with blue and red paintwork, rubbed down to white or pink in patches.


Close up Coulour Photograph of exhaust pipe, engine block and left fron wheel of a hot rod parked on grass

Supercharged Rod II

Close up Colour Photograph of right back wheel and wing of orange painted fifties car parked on grass beneath trees

Hakan's '55 Chevy Nomad

Dramatically angled Colour Photograph of customised car with maroon or damson coloured paintwork, chrome trim and whitewall tyre parked on grass

Barris Custom

Colour Photograph of the left passenger door of a grey painted fifties hotrod bearing the hand-painted number 666 for motor sport


Colour Photograph of the right hand side of hill climb hot rod white white hand lettering on the side that reads devils peak pace car

Devil's Peak Pace Car

Close up Colour Photograph of the door of a custom hot rod which has has the number thriteen and an imitation chrome doorhandle hand painted on it


Colour Photograph of the side or rear window of a rusty vintage car on which the words shine can never replace attitude have been written

Shine can never replace Attitude

Colour Photograph of the right hand cab door of an old truck converted for hill climb racing that has the number 331 hand painted on it

331 Pick up cab

Close up Colour Photograph of roughly hand painted numerals 31 on a metalflake green painted car


Colour Photograph of a young man leaning on the open door of his hill-climb hot rod. He has a tattooed forearm and a wallet chain hanging from the back pocket of his jeans.


Colour Photograph of an old car competing in a hill-climb event. The driver is wearing what seems to be an orange and white hawaiian shirt and the hair of his blonde passenger is flying out behind her

Roadster Pick up - Hillclimb

Colour Photograph of custom hot rod competing in a hill-climb

Model B Pick up - Hillclimb

Colour Photograph of custom hot rod pace car at a hill-climb event

Model A - Hillclimb

Colour Photograph of dark green hot rod with whitewall tryes competing in a motor sport event and raising dust. In the background there is a boundary tape and some spectators

'41 Roadster Hillclimb

Colour Photograph of ta dark blue fifties car with red wheels at a motor sport event with spectators watching it

'57 Lincoln Hillclimb

Colour Photograph of right rear wheel of a black painted custom hot rod parked on grass with two shirtless young men leaning on it facing away from the camera

5 Window Coupe/Rod

Colour Photograph of old motorbike in hill climb event ridden by a man in period leather bomber jacket goggles and flying helmet

Harley Davidson Hillclimb

Colour Photograph of tattooed young man in black t-shirt and jeans sitting in the cab of his hotrod drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette.

Pick up

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