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lifesize model of a deer in an empty street in Ely Nevada

Deer I

lifesize model of a deer in an empty street in Ely Nevada

Deer II

Corrugated facade and old-fashioned street lamp on sidewalk in Eureka Nevada, scrub covered hills and blue sky behind

Corrugated Facade

Boarded-up facade of Al's Hardware Stores Eureka Nevada with old fashioned street lamp on sidewalk

Al's Hardware

Red wooden railroad depot shed in Ely Nevada

Shed, Railroad Depot

Dilapidated facaded of Ranger's Office. Bodie California

Ranger's Office

Sidewalk sign for True Value Hardware Store, Eureka Nevada

True Value

Weatherbeaten wood and corrugated metal depot buildings, Ely Nevada

Depot Buildings

Dilapidated entrance gate, Eureka Nevada

Gate I

Dilapidated entrance gate and sidewalk facades, Eureka Nevada

Gate II

Roadside Liquor store and Motel signage. Ely Nevada


Brick building in High Street, Ely Nevada

High street

Ely Nevada


Colour photograph of a grey metal-clad barn by the roadside in Eureka Nevada


Colour photograph of a roadside commercial building, half cylindrical front elevation faced by the rectangular wooden skeleton of a hoarding

Convex building with fascia

Colour photograph of the decaying facade of disused commercial premises in Eureka Nevada

Facade I

colour photograph of a battered orange Ford Anglia in a field in Ely Nevada

Ford Anglia

Colour photograph of old International commercial vehicle parked by a bowling alley sign


colur photograph of an American mailbox decorated as a hot motorbike


Colour photograph of a water tower and loading silo at a railroad depot in Ely Nevada

Railroad depot

Colour photograph of a rusty snow-plough train at a railroad depot in Ely Nevada

Snow Plough

Colour photograph of a  water tower in a railroad depot in Ely Nevada

Water Tower

Colour photograph of a pretty, white-painted wedding chapel in Ely Nevada

Wedding Chapel

Colour Photograph of turned wooden table leg and typeface sample board in a patch of sunlight on a dusty wooden floor

School House

Colour Photograph of aluminium siding of commercial building bearing a sign that reads: city of ely shops

City of Ely I

Colour Photograph of aluminium sided disused retail building in strong sun light and with a clear blue sky behind

City of Ely II

Colour Photograph of aluminum sided disused commercial retail building and clear blue sky

City of Ely III

Colour Photograph of old bottles and packets and pieces of card on a wooden structure in a dusty abandoned room

Drug Store

Colour Photograph of an old roulette table with chips in a pool of sun light coming through a window

Roulette Wheel

Colour Photograph of orange retail sign bearing the single word DRUGS written vertically in yellow letters

Drugs Store

Colour Photograph of hotel sign for a hotel called the ELY HOTEL in strong sunlight so that the final E and L of the sign are obscured and it seems to read ELY HOT

Ely Hotel

Colour Photograph of CENTRA cinema entrance. Showing billboard signage advertising the film  KILL BILL V1

Kill Bill - Cinema

Colour Photograph of abandoned retail district showing the signage for the Standard Market and its advertising for package liquor and toys


Colour Photograph of plate glass window behind which is a string of american flag bunting and a construction that looks like a vertical brown-coloured louvre






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