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colour photograph of a black classic car parked in front of an aircraft hanger and bearing the text Hot Heads East in painted letters across its boot

Hot Heads East

colour photograph of the entrance of an old and overgrown aircraft hanger on an airfield where a custom car race meeting is in progress.

Hanger I

colour photograph of the inside of an old and overgrown aircraft hanger on an airfield where a custom car race meeting is in progress.

Hanger II

colour photograph of an overgrown runway with the numbers 88 scrawled on it.


close up colour photograph of a whitewall tyre on a custom car


close up colour photograph of the rear wing of a classic fifties car with red painted wheel and whitewall tyre

Chevy (back end)

colour photograph of custom car racer in white overalls and sporty cap leaning against the rear of his car with wide rear tyre in foreground

Hakan I

colour photograph of two young mean relaxing against an old fifties hotrod at hotheads east race meeting

'51 Chevy

Colour photograph of custom car driver wearing glasses and soft cap leaning out of the window of his car

Hakan II

colour photograph of two mechanics in clean white overalls working on the rear wheel of a custom car

A-Bombers Speed Department

colour photograph of a red and black motorbike parked on an airfield under a clear blue sky

Harley Davidson

colour photograph of a man and woman on a sunny day at an airfield race meeting for cutom cars elaxing beside a blue fifties classic

'58 Chevy

colour photograph of a bald headed man with a checkered flag talking to a man on a motorbike who is about to start a speed run

Start line

colour photograph of man in white overalls running with a chequered flag along the middle of an airfield runway backlit by a bright sun


colour photograph of a young man in white overalls with a female friend standing on an airfield with the sun setting behind them and the silhouette of a vintage car hotrod in the background.

End of day

Colour photograph of numbers painted on the ground - reads three hundred and fifty degrees and three minutes

Colour photograph of man in white coveralls and a grey cap holding a megaphone and standing on a black hot rod with the racing number seventy seven on the side door


Colour photograph of red numbers seventy seven on the black door of a hillclimb racing car

#77 (detail I)

Colour photograph of red numeralsd seventy seven on the black bodywork of a hillclimb race car

#77 (detail II)

Colour photograph of a rough and ready custom hotrod with dirty yellow paintwork and hand painted numbers and graphics

Smokin' Shutdown

Colour photograph - young men on a hot day relaxing and drinking beer from bottles and leaning on a black classic american car that has whitewall tyres and red wheelhubs

Stokers - Hot Heads East

Colour photograph - close up of a torn fragment of newspaper printed with cyrillic text possibly russian

Newspaper - Hot Heads East





Page 1

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